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ยินดีต้อนรับทุกคนสู่ Home Sweet Home: Survive (Early Access)


ทีมงานขอบคุณทุกๆ คนที่อดทนรอจนถึงวันเปิดตัวนี้ 


เกม Early Access ของเรานั้นเปิดตัวอยู่ในขั้น Open Beta (เปิดให้มีการทดสอบโดยไม่จำกัดจำนวนผู้เล่น)

เราได้ปรับปรุงข้อผิดพลาดที่ได้เรียนรู้จาก Closed Beta ให้กับตัวเกมปัจจุบันแล้วส่วนหนึ่ง ซึ่งแน่นอนว่าอาจจะยังมีข้อผิดพลาดหลงเหลืออยู่ แต่เรายังคงตั้งใจจะพัฒนาตัวเกม Home Sweet Home: Survive นี้ให้สมบูรณ์ยิ่งขึ้น หากมีปัญหาหรือข้อผิดพลาดประการใด  ทางทีมงานต้องขออภัยในที่นี้ด้วย  เราจะนำปัญหาต่างๆ มาปรับปรุงแก้ไขให้ตัวเกมยิ่งๆ ขึ้นไป


ขอบคุณทุกๆ คนที่ติดตามผลงานของเรานะคะ

Welcome all to the Home Sweet Home: Survive (Early Access)

Our team would like to thank everyone for their continued support and patience in waiting for this official release

Our Early Access game will be opened in the Open Beta phase (Open with ongoing functional testing without limiting the total amount of players)
We have fixed some of the issues which were prominent during the ‘Closed Beta’ with the release of this new version.
There may still be some minor bugs and glitches with this release, but we are determined to work and improve Home Sweet Home: Survive to be its best. In case of any problems in the future, players may choose to report to us. Our team would like to apologize for any inconvenience, we will be sure to fix these issues to better the game.


Thank you all, fans and followers of our work.

Patch notes

 18 November 2021     • Disable Specter's Quick play chat from being able to send survivors messages.

                                 • Fix bug where Specters disappeared at the altar

                                 • Fix bug where Belle Warp skill is stuck and unable to continue.

                                 • Fix bug where the skill check isn't shown when the ritual is completed, but the status

                                   didn't count the ritual, so had to recite the ritual.

                                 • Fix bug when attacking on the stairs in the Abandoned Hospital of Building B

                                 • HRK’s Passive ability nerf, Reduces Survivor Movement Speed ​​per second from

                                   50/40/30/20/10/0 down to 40/32/24/16/8/0

Patch notes

 11 November 2021     • Fix bug where display (State) of the Survivor's status view is blocked.

                                 • Fix bug where the Zbing's cat couldn't switch between items.

                                 • Fix bug of the specter Nymph's camera angle during execution.

                                 • Change range of Specters attacking.

                                 • Adjusted the balance of survivors attacking Specters through walls.

                                 • Add effect to Specter's attack.

Patch notes

 4 November 2021        • Fix bugs, survivors, dodging at the corner of the door and the Specters cannot hit

                                 • Fix bug of character Zbing, when pressing to collect items from distance the cat picks up

                                   the item but gets stuck, making Zbing have one item stored.

                                 • Fix bug, when specters smash a door, but the door does not break. But can walked through

                                   the door that was should have been smashed

                                 • Fix bug, the tutorial mode frequently freezing

                                 • Add in HypWynn pot into the system

Patch notes

 28 October 2021         New Character

                                 • HRK

                                 New Map

                                 • Mangrove checkpoint

                                 Improve balance


                                 Energy drink

                                 • Reduced stamina duration when drinking water from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.

                                 Sigill scroll

                                 • Reduce the duration of the Sigill Scroll from 4 seconds to 3 seconds.

                                 Holy Rattan

                                 • Stun duration reduced from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds.

                                 • Decreased the maximum usage amount of Holy Rattans from 3 to 2 times.

                                 Holy String Trap

                                 • Fix a Bug, Specters not getting damaged by Holy String Trap when attacking, only when

                                   walking through only



                                 • Adjusted the Prisoner's hook skill to be more accurate in timing and accuracy.

                                 • Increased the attack range of the Prisoners, both front and back

                                 • Fix a bug of hooked players unable to do anything, while being hooked.


                                 • Optimized the water jet attacks to be more accurate.

                                 • Attack success time has been adjusted from 3 -> 4 seconds.



                                 • Reduce the transmission time Ghost's last position every 5 seconds, 3 seconds left


                                 • Reduces Stamina by 1

                                 • Increases Expertise by 1


                                 • Increases Stamina by 1

                                 • Perform skill enhancements, Use a cat to collect items from a distance of 8 meters.

                                 • When the cat collects, items will be stored into the cat, and if the cat already have

                                   the same items it will switch the items back to the point that the cat previously picked up.


                                 • Stun duration when holding the Rosary from 2s to 1.5s



                                 • Adjusted the speed of Never give up while moving to be equal value

                                 • Adjusted the speed of Adrenaline while moving to be equal value


                                 • Added Bloodseek tube in hunter UI

                                 • Adjusted Bloodseek system calculation to increase and decrease properly.

                                 • Fix the Specter's vision point for collecting Bloodseek will depend on does the specter

                                   have a view on the Survivor player

                                 • Collecting the first Blood Seek takes 5 seconds, and every next Blood Seek at 2 seconds

                                 • When a Specter cannot see Survivor, there is a 2s time for Bloodseek to decrease.

                                 • Fix collecting Bloodseek and using Poltergeist to get wrong speed


                                 • Fix camera angle, execution to match the player’s position

                                 • Added UI Execution showing remaining time and Canceling

                                 [Ritual Chest]

                                 • Added a system to randomize the items contained in the ceremonial box.


                                 [Hidden Place]

                                 • Fix state animation of the camera when entering and exiting a hiding place. Does not

                                   force the player's camera while exiting incorrectly.


                                 • Adjusted the visual of attacking Specters.

                                 • Added the visual of being attacked by Specters.

                                 [Tutorial / Tutorial Mode]

                                 • Fixed Tutorial State where players are stuck and unable to continue playing.

                                 • Fixed AI malfunction in Tutorial, preventing the player from continuing.

                                 • Adjust the information of the guide


                                 • Adjusted the voice activation system in various actions

                                 • Added Hunter's Voice system when seeing Survivor.

                                 • Fix the chanting sound stuck at the altar

                                 • Fix a bug where the Survivor got stuck in the Abandoned Hospital Jump Pit.

                                 • Fix bug with floating characters

                                 • Fix a bug where Specters attacked through survivors.

                                 • Fix a bug with the sound effect warning when ghosts approaches in the Graveyard.

                                 • Fix the projectile calculation system to work properly when behind an obstacle

                                 • Fix Specters ornaments not working properly at the end of the game.

                                 • Fix standing on the edge of the map causing it to float.

                                 • Fix the survivor injecting health and receiving a health boost from the altar at the same time.

                                 • Fix the wrong kill count when the player quits while being killed.

                                 • Fix the survivor dying while using a weapon to attack a Specter and Item Drop to be 0.

                                 • Fix when using flash, the survivor's UI is also flashed.

                                 • Remove Ong skin and HypWynn stickers.

Patch notes

 21 October 2021          • Fix Various Bugs

                                 • Fix game performance

Patch notes

 14 October 2021          • Fix bug where the prisoner’s hook causes survivor to be stuck in place.

                                 • Fix bug where players do not gain Bullet Coins, experience (EXP), Greedy Pot, and level after

                                   finishing the game.

                                 • Fix bug when choosing to play with a specter but receives a survivor instead

                                 • Fix bug of the ritual sounds, the sound of the door being broken, and Character voice at

                                   the end of the game

                                 • Fix bug where Survivors would receive normal damage when burrowing out of the pipe.

                                 • Fix bug where the character's Settings page could move.

                                 • Fix bug where the revival numbers in the Hindrance is incorrect

                                 • Fix Box Collision bug where characters could be ejected out of area’s bound.

                                 • Fix bug where the ritual icon is displayed correctly.

                                 • Fix bug where the specters could still be invisible while being stunned by holy thread.

                                 • Fix bug where Survivors are do not receive damage when hit during an incorrect skill check

                                 • Removed the Synnex pot due to the end of the promotion.

Patch notes

 23 September 2021    • Fix bug where Poltergeist skills cannot be used in Abandoned Temple and Swamp map.

                                 • Fix bug where the ritual status in the upper left corner is not displayed correctly.

                                 • Fix bug for Specter’s cooldown when walking through the holy thread line, will cast

                                   an aura as if being seen by a survivor.

                                 • Fix bug in the Shift now page.

                                 • Fix prisoner's hook-chain animation

                                 • Add UI to notify players who have dropped out of the game in the results page.

                                 • Fixed the camera angle of players who has exit the gate or dead player to be the same angle

                                   as the player playing the event.

Patch notes

 16 September 2021    • Fix bug where revived players sometimes couldn't walk.

                                 • Fix bug where the character set being displayed does not match the selection.
                                 • Fix bug, after completing 3 chanting rituals, the door opened. but no added health
                                 • Fix bug where the character perk isn't working.
                                 • Fix bug where players exit the portal in a seated position
                                 • Add UI Connection Problem

Patch notes

 10 September 2021    • Fix bug where the score display shows the incorrect number of survivors being killed,

                                   appearing more than the actual number.

                                 • Fix bug where the Specter character was selected but entering the game as a survivor

                                   character instead.

                                 • Fix bug where the Cancel Search button is missing.

                                 • Fix bug where Specters stuck at the door in the Car Junkyard map.

                                 • Added a system for players to start playing games at the same time

                                 • Fix an issue where Synnex code could not be used.

                                 Improved match search penalty system
                                 • The system will penalize only players who leave the game but are still alive. Will not ban

                                   unrevived souls. And ban only those who leave the game with a character that completes 4vs1

Patch notes

3 September 2021       • Fix bug of character's blown hair graphics.
                                 • Added the time display of the survivors when affected with an infected wound.
                                 • Adjusted the balance, placing obstacles to prevent players from entering behind door.

                                 Fix bug with the penalty system for increasing match search time.
                                 • Fix bug where players dropped out of the game's connection system but were banned.
                                 • Fix bug where the penalty for match search was increased from the cause of leaving the game

                                   when the player is dead.

Patch notes

26 August 2021           • Fix bug where resurrected Survivors are able to see Specter like Nipa.
                                 • Fix bug where match search cancels by itself
                                 • Fix bug where characters are not visible during character selection.
                                 • Fix bug where players who select playing as a Specter character, but appear in a match as

                                   a Survivor character.
                                 • Fix bug where the game crashes on the loading screen before entering a match.
                                 • Fix a bug where Belle gets stuck in a door in the Swamp Map.
                                 • Fix issue of being hooked after successfully exiting the Hindrance Door, but still being

                                   hooked back, causing the survivor character to bug.
                                 • Fix issue where objects were incorrectly tripping over the scene.
                                 • Fix issue where Bloodtrail would get stuck when survivors dodge the vault.
                                 • Fix Ping Objects not being able to cross the installation point, Saisin and Yant.
                                 • When using the Invisible form, the Immue and Poltergeist statuses will be overridden.

                                 Other Fixes

                                 • Bringing the Synnex Greedy Pot back into the game.
                                 • Added a penalty system for people leaving the room that accumulates with each exit,

                                   1 min / 3 min / 15 min / 30 min / 1 hr / 2 hrs / 4 hrs / 8 hrs (maximum).

                                   The penalty system effect will be reset after 24 hours.

Patch notes

20 August 2021           New Content

                                 • New Perks

                                   : The Watcher 

                                   : Counter Of Pain



                                 • Abandoned Hospital Building A


                                 Bug Fixes

                                 • Fix Bug Gamma settings are not being save

                                 • Fix Bug characters getting stuck while walking near the bed in Abandoned Hospital Building B.

                                 • Fix Bug of Survivors clipping outside the Swamp Map.

                                 • Fix Bug where Specters could not attack at the jump point in the Car Junkyard Map.

                                 • Fix Bug where Treasure chest, doors, or cannot be viewed in Observer mode

                                 • Fix Bug where survivors are not able to jump down the drop zone

                                 • Fix Bug where survivors are able to climb on each other to go onto of buildings

                                   in the Swamp Map.

                                 • Reduce Issues of Belle's teleportation abilities


                                 Other Fixes

                                 • Adjusted the "Lucky" skill balance increased from 10 to 20 percentage in tournaments as

                                   an option to use more.

                                 • Adjusted skill balance. "Poltergeist" increases Specter's hunting efficiency and continuity.

Patch notes

13 August 2021           • Fix bug where Specters cannot teleport.

                                 • Fix bug where all 3 rituals were performed but HP does not increase.

                                 • Fix syringe not increasing HP, but there is a green aura effect showing that

                                   it has already been used.

                                 • Fix being able to walk up the counter in Abandoned Hospital Building A

                                 • Fix a bug where the wall does not appear in the Abandoned Hospital Building B.

                                 • Fix lights not flickering when specters disappear.

                                 • Fix bug where the number of players appears to be missing or exceeding


Patch notes

5 August 2021             • Fix Yuri’s camera flash not working when being attacked by Specter.

                                 • Fix bug of Survivors will now receive fall damage when falling from height in non-pit areas

                                   of each map.

                                 • Fix bug of Belle being trapped in all chests while using teleportation.

                                 • Fix bug of not being able to pick up souls that are near ventilations or jars.

                                 • Fix the progress bar from not progressing when performing a ritual

                                 • Fix bug of finding successful match with complete players on both sides, but when entering

                                   the match, there is no Specter.

                                 • Fix bug for Jane, from being able to return to the Hindrance after already exiting.

                                 • Adjust the color of Yuri's camera flash by darkening it

                                 • Show match search status in detail since the start

                                 • Improve the system for attaching sigil and holy string trap.

                                 • Improve the aiming for all characters to match with the crosshair when moving quickly

                                 • Add new penalties for players who leave the game during a match. Banned for 1 minute

                                   and counted as a death in the Hindrance.

Patch notes

30 July 2021               • Fix various bugs in Abandoned Hospital Building B

                                 • Fix unsynced status of interactable items and the progress bar shown

                                 • Specter in Invisible Form before the second ritual is done will now be affected by

                                   the completed second ritual. The time invisible will be limited.

                                 • Improve Korean localisation

                                 • Adjust 'Never Give Up' perk. Soul cooldown will be active even when it's being held.

                                 • Add cooldown time on every character's perk

                                 • Add progress bar to show cooldown time of ventilator, lift, jar

                                 • Add an effect to show the active perk that's being used

Patch notes

22 July 2021               New Content

                                 • New Map: Abandoned Hospital Building B

                                 • New Perks

                                 New Features

                                 • Add Korean localisation and minor localisation updates

                                 • Observer UI will now show more game details such as players and altar status


                                 Bugs Fixing

                                 • Fix player cannot press E to interact or perform skillcheck

                                 • Fix the missing 'Cancel' button for match searching

                                 • Fix player cannot use the item right after picking it up

                                 • Fix vote spam by one person

                                 • Fix Belle's unstable teleport position

                                 • Fix Nymph's cancel animation after her transformation

                                 • Player that falls on another player will now receive health damage

                                 • Fix Nipa's unique perk so she can see Specter properly

                                 • Reduce Exit door issue that it appears too early

                                 • Specter will not be able to execute Survivor that dies from falling

                                 • Fix Specter's incorrect smoke visual display after all rituals are done

                                 • Fix Survivor bugs caused by getting hooked by Prisoner

                                 • Fix Survivor bugs caused by getting stunned by Specter

                                 • Fix freezing animation when Survivor sprints after cancelling progress bar

                                 • Prisoner will not be able to become invisible while throwing out his hook

                                 • Fix incorrect Survivor movement speed when moving in the water

                                 • Survivor cannot use active perk while having progress bar

                                 • zBing cannot use active perk if she is not carrying an item

                                 • Escaped Survivor will not have free camera control while spectating another Survivor

                                 • Adjusted Swamp to be more balanced

                                 • Adjusted balance of Survivor's perks


                                 We're aware that these issues occasionally occur and working on finding the solution

                                 • Reduce matching with extra players in a match

                                 • Reduce issue that player finds a match but cannot get in

Patch notes

15 July 2021               Some of the content from Patch15, has been added. Due to a lot content and some bugs, the    

                                 team must ask for more time to fix. Therefore, the update has been postponed to Patch16 next

                                 week instead. The details of the postponement are as follows :

                                 New Features

                                 • Add Korean localisation

                                 • Observer UI will now show more game details such as players and altar status

                                 Bug Fixes

                                 • Fix player cannot press E to interact or perform skillcheck

                                 • Fix the missing 'Cancel' button for match searching

                                 • Fix player cannot use the item right after picking it up

                                 • Fix vote spam by one person

                                 • Fix Belle's unstable teleport position

                                 • Fix Nymph's cancel animation after her transformation

                                 • Player that falls on another player will now receive health damage

                                 • Reduce matching with extra players in a match

                                 • Reduce issue that player finds a match but cannot get in

Patch notes

8 July 2021                 • Reduce extra players issue in the match

                                 • Reduce issue that players do not recieve score at the end of the game

                                 • Fix Nymph's cancel animation after her transformation

                                 • Fix chat box bug that players cannot control character

                                 • Fix bug that soul doesn't disappear and the exit door doesn't open when the dead survivor    

                                   leaves game

                                 • Fix bug when repetitively press E while holding an item will make it drop on the box

                                 • Fix bug that characters can't be turned in character customisation

                                 • Fix unsync icon when the ritual is done but the icon shows otherwise

                                 • Reduce Belle's teleport bug

Patch notes

24 June 2021              New feature

                                 • New Map: Junkyard

                                 • New Character: Zbing

                                 • New Perks x4

                                 • Enabled map selection in Custom Match

                                 Bugs fixing

                                 • Reduced black screen issues

                                 • Reduced server lagging issues

                                 • Fixed Belle regularly gets stuck at objects and outside the map

                                 • Fixed item not displaying when open Greedy Pot

                                 • Fixed Survivor cannot leave locker

                                 • Soul drop position will not be through loot boxes

                                 • Removed position exploitation where Survivor can walk on high platform

                                 • Nymph cannot cancel animation when she enters Phase Shift

                                 Other Adjustment

                                 • Player will not be able to assign the same keybind

Patch notes

16 June 2021              Fix missing interact icon on boxes 

                                 • Fix door visibility not synced with actual position
                                 • Fix issue that player can't leave the Exit door
                                 • Fix dislocated Survivor's hitbox when crouches and prays
                                 • Prevent having more than 3 people performing the ritual

Patch notes

11 June 2021              New feature

                                 • Endorse other players


                                 • Increase Holy String damage from 80 > 120

                                 • Specter's immune can only clear Stun

                                 • Increase cooldown of Superhero Landing perk from 60 > 80 sec

                                 • Increase fall damage 5 > 12

                                 • Reduce HP gained from Specter execution 100 > 80

                                 • Increase Last Dance perk 50 > 70 (total in 150)

                                 • Adjust expertise stats

                                 • Nipa's expertise is +1

                                 • Aof's expertise is -1. HP is +1

                                 • Ong's Stamina is +1

                                 • Jane's Expertise is -1

                                 Bugs fixing

                                 • Fix syringe not increasing HP

                                 • Fix animation freezes after opening a box

                                 • Fix progress bar not showing up while opening a box

                                 • Fix player getting stuck at doors, ventilator, jar, and hole

                                 • Fix desync issue that makes players see the same box in different location

                                 • Fix player getting stuck in locker when they get hit while entering

                                 • Fix collision that allows player to walk through doors

                                 • Fix collision that blocks Nymph's water bullet

                                 • Reduce problem that may add extra players in a match


                                 • Adjust Prisoner's crosshair accuracy

                                 • Increase cracking effect from the Altar when the progress is at 25 / 50 / 75 /90

Patch notes

10 June 2021              New feature

                                 • Endorse other players

                                 Bugs fixing

                                 • Fix dislocated Survivor's hitbox when crouches and prays

                                 • Fix syringe not increasing HP

                                 • Fix animation freezes after opening a box

                                 • Fix progress bar not showing up while opening a box

                                 • Fix player getting stuck at doors, ventilator, jar, and hole

                                 • Fix desync issue that makes players see the same box in different location

                                 • Fix player getting stuck in locker when they get hit while entering

                                 • Fix collision that allows player to walk through doors

                                 • Reduce problem that may add extra players in a match


                                 • Adjusted Prisoner's crosshair accuracy

                                 • Increase cracking effect from the Altar when the progress is at 25 / 50 / 75 /90

Patch notes

2 June 2021                Bugs fixed

                                 • Souls cannot be revived

                                 • Fix bug : Survivor with Door Slam perk will not make Specter stunned when it destroys locker
                                 • Survivor will not be stuck in locker when they get attacked before entering
                                 • Unlimited Holy String bug
                                 • Specter cannot destroy lockers when being stunned anymore

Patch notes

27 May 2021              Bugs fixed

                                 • Now Belle's movement speed doesn't increase when press hit

                                 • Animation freezes when opening box

                                 • Survivor cannot jump through holes in Graveyard

                                 • Pressing E while moving around the altar will no longer halt the movement

                                 • Reduced camera fixed whlie opening the box


                                 • Map will not be shown in Quick Play's Lobby

                                 • Adjust stats calculation so win rate doesn't decrease when other players leave the match

                                 • Auto-search is enabled if the match is cancelled


                                 • Specter's HP is increased from 270 > 400

                                 • Specter gets more HP from execution 20 > 100

                                 • Immune can now remove all status impairs

                                 • Aof's passive perk is adjusted. His bare hand can stun Specter for 0.5 sec

Patch notes

24 May 2021              Adjusted the system, if pressed from the lobby, will wait 1 minute to find a new room. (Only for

                                   those who exit the game lobby)

                                 • Fixed a bug Belle spam attack and walking faster

                                 • Fixed a camera bug when opening the box.

                                 • Fixed a bug where people could not walk into a hole in an abandoned temple.

                                 • No more map revealed in quick play mode.

                                 • Adjusted the system for calculating the losing and winning statistics to fix the problem of             

                                   reducing statistics when people leave the room.

                                 • Adjusted spectors balances

                                 • Adjusted the balance of the character "Aof"

Patch notes

20 May 2021              Reduce problem that may cause people to get disconnected from Lobby
                                 • Reduce problem that may add extra players in a match
                                 • Fixed ground holes that can't be passed through in Graveyard
                                 • Fixed bug that causes player to spawn underground in Graveyard
                                 • Fixed bugs that allow player to walk through walls and stairs in Graveyard
                                 • Adjusted balance in Graveyard

Patch notes

13 May 2021              Reduce problem that may cause long time to find a match

                                 • Reduce problem that may cause team member being unable to join the match

                                 • Reduce problem that may cause game to jump back to title screen

                                 • Reduce problem that may cause black screen in the game

                                 • Reduce problem that may cause characters unable to move when game starts

                                 • Fixed delayed door, locker, and wall animation

                                 • Fixed bugs and rework Swamp map

                                 • Gameplay optimization

                                 • Added new content : Temple Map

                                 • Added new feature : code redemption

Patch notes

6 May 2021                • Bug fixed : unable to find Survivor's soul

                                 • Bug fixed : soul is floating in the air when dead
                                 • Bug fixed : progress bar not progressing
                                 • Bug fixed : unable to enter shops
                                 • Bug fixed : freezing animation when use syringe and pray at the altar
                                 • New voting system

                                 >> Voting will be available during the first 3 minutes of the game
                                 >> Players have 30 seconds to vote.  F1 = Yes, F2 = No (Initiating a vote doesn't pause the game)
                                 >> No vote = Yes
                                 >> Even voting result counts as Not continuing the game
                                 >> In case the game has one player left, voting will be disabled and

                                      the game will enter Sudden Death
                                 >> If a player leaves during voting, the vote will be cancelled and needs to be initiated again.

                                 • Added 'exit game' button in Settings after the player is dead
                                 • Added the missing Chinese text
                                 • Featured MMR (matchmaking) system 
                                 • Turned on players' perk in result page
                                 • Adjusted escape door system: Survivors will leave the door after the progress bar is completed
                                 • Soul drop position is changed to Survivor's last position

                                   Remark : We suggest all party members to select the same Region before joining the match for                                      now to avoid joining issue. What we're aware and intensely working on are:
                                 • Game crashes
                                 • Game jumping back to Title screen
                                 • Black screen
                                 • Party members being unable to join the match together

                                   Along with other bugs and game balance

Patch notes

29 April 2021             • Increase Belle's Bloodseek speed from 25 > 40
                                 • Add in-game report system
                                 • Turn off player's levels visibility
                                 • Remove level requirement to buy Perks
                                 • Fix bug that allows 5 survivors in a game
                                 • Fix bug that turns Specter into Survivor
                                 • Fix bug animation reset when Specter attacks and right clicks
                                 • Fix bug Survivor not getting score when Specter leaves game
                                 • Prevent setting reset when update patch
                                 • Prisoner chain won't pull Survivor through broken wall
                                 • Fix bug Survivor animation freeze when use items
                                 • Fix bug crouching stuck in the Jar
                                 • Fix bug that shows accessory when dead
                                 • Gameplay optimized

Patch notes

23 April 2021             Bugs fix

                                 • Fixing Chinese translations

                                 • Bug fix including cancel animation during fall animation, tunneling, lift usage, portal pot

                                 • Bug fix regarding inccorect greedy pot number opening usage

                                 • Bug fix regarding Belle stuck animation in swamp map

                                 • Bug fix regarding duplicate items

                                 • Bug fix effect regarding Yuri’s camera flash still effective on spectre in invisible mode

                                 • Collision adjustments in hospital and swamp map

                                 • Bug fix regard Prisoner receiving Fall Damage from the “hook” skill



                                 • Adjusting cooldown time from using air vents and tunnel pot from 15 seconds to 25 seconds

                                 • Adjusting cooldown of treasure chest from 70~90 seconds to 80~100 seconds

                                 • Adjusting limit of item and rate of treasure chest discovery

                                 • Cooldown on character’s unique perk item will be reset when picking up new item


                                 • Adding H key as a hide interface during Observing mode

                                 • Displaying item name after getting repeated items from greedy pot

                                 • Adding keybind for movement controls and survivor (ping, ping specter, chatbox team, chatbox all)

                                 • Closing use for Amethyst shop while in searching for room process

*Note In regards to black screens, character freezing, and slow room searches, our team are aware of these issues

and are currently making it our upmost importance issues to fix. We would like to apologize for any issues this may have created.

Patch notes

8 April 2021               • New feature: Players can now open 5 Greedy pots at a time
                                 • Added new items in store

                                 • Minor SFX added

                                 • Gameplay improvement

                                 • When either survivor or specter leaves the game, other players will now receive reward normally

                                 • Game crashes after match ends fixed

                                 • Various bugs fixed

Patch notes

2 April 2021               • Adjust ritual pattern in swamp map
                                 • Various bug fixed

Patch notes


1 April 2021               • Add region selection in system setting
                                 • Add new skillcheck keybind in options setting
                                 • User ban system
                                 • Extra bullet coin 10% event (until 8th April 2021)
                                 • Greedy pot discount (until 4th April 2021)

                                 • New contents in Greedy Pot

                                 • New characters Yuri survivor, Nymph Specter

                                 • Various bugs fixed

                                 • Gameplay optimisation

Patch notes

27 February 2021       • Fixed a bug where player can enter lobby with incorrect role 
                                 • Fixed a bug where survivor can see specter accessories while in invisible form
                                 • Gameplay Optimization

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